Lunch menu

served m-f until 3pm


served with miso soup or house salad, crab or shrimp shumai, California or cucumber/avocado roll and white rice ChickenTeriyaki $15 / Vegetable Tempura $14 /Shrimp Teriyaki $16 /Chicken Tempura $15 Beef Teriyaki $16 /Shrimp Tempura $16 /Salmon Teriyaki $16 /Sweet & Sour Chicken $15


served with noodles, seasonal vegetables, & vegetable fried rice, with ginger & mustard dipping sauces, choice of miso soup or house salad Chicken $15 /Beef $16 /Shrimp $16 /Salmon $16 /Chicken & Beef $17 /Chicken & Shrimp $18 Beef & Shrimp $19 /Salmon & Shrimp $19


House Salad $4


a ring of thinly sliced avocado topped with mixed greens, tomatoes, & cucumbers drizzled with a raspberry- fig vinaigrette


yellowtail, tuna, salmon, avocado, mango, & apple tossed in a mustard yuzu vinaigrette


cucumber, carrot, edamame, wonton crisps, red & yellow bell peppers served w/ mixed greens & drizzled w/a homemade sesame-ginger dressing

Kani Salad $8

shredded crabstick & julienne cucumber with spicy mayo & masago.

Kaiso Salad $6

fresh assorted seaweed topped with sesame seeds

Miso Soup $4

house-made miso broth with tofu, scallion and seaweed.

Asian Chicken Noodle $10

served with bok choy, cabbage, mushrooms and carrots.


carrots, tomato, potato, cauliflower, white mushrooms, in a red curry coconut broth

Spicy Seafood $12

assorted seafood with tofu, scallions, and cabbage in a spicy kimchi broth

add to any salad: Avocado $3 / Chicken $4 / Beef $5 / Shrimp $6 / Salmon $6


all sandwiches served with a side of sweet potato fries

Grilled Chicken Wrap $11

with bean sprouts, baby spinach ,red onions, tomatoes, & creamy miso dressing in a whole wheat wrap.

Rock Shrimp Wrap $15

rock shrimp tempura tossed in a cracked red pepper aioli with vegetable kakiage & srirachain a whole wheat wrap.

Spicy Tuna Sliders(3) $15

sushi-grade, chopped tuna with tempura red onions, spicy wasabi mayo, radish and micro greens, served on brioche buns.

Kobe Beef Sliders $15

100% US kobe beef served with tomatoes, cucumber, micro greens & ginger ketchup on brioche buns

Sushi bar specials

all sushi bar specials served with miso soup or house salad, all pieces are by chef's selection only

5 Piece Assorted Sushi & 1 Roll $16

choose roll from list below

Sashimi Lunch $15

5 pieces of assorted sashimi served with white rice

Sushi & Sashimi Lunch $17

3 pieces sushi, 3 pieces sashimi, choice of 1 roll

Two Roll Special $11

choice of any 2 rolls from list below

Three Roll Special $17

choice of any 3 rolls from list below

Alaskan/ Atlanta/ Boston/ California/ Cucumber/ ComboVeggie/ Cucumber & Avocado/ Tuna Salmon/ Yellowtail/ Ebiten/ Tokyo/ Philadelphia / Spicy Salmon/ Spicy Tuna/ Spicy Yellowtail

Special Roll Combo $18

Choice of regular roll from list above and anyone of following special rolls: optimistic/ totowa/ godzilla/ birds of paradise /superkani/ lucky#13 /red or white hot.


Crab Fried Rice $8

Fried Rice: veg/ chicken/ chili/ pork $6 Hibachi Noodles $6

Hibachi noodles $6

Vegetable Tempura $9

chicken tempura$10.5

shrimp tempura $12

Seasonal Vegetables: steamed/sautéed $6

Sweet Potato Fries $5

Brown Rice (pt) $3

White Rice (pt) $2