Lunch menu

served m-f until 3pm


served with miso soup or house salad, crab or shrimp shumai, California or cucumber/avocado roll and white rice ChickenTeriyaki $15 / Vegetable Tempura $14 /Shrimp Teriyaki $16 /Chicken Tempura $15 Beef Teriyaki $16 /Shrimp Tempura $16 /Salmon Teriyaki $16 /Sweet & Sour Chicken $15


served with noodles, seasonal vegetables, & vegetable fried rice, with ginger & mustard dipping sauces, choice of miso soup or house salad Chicken $15 /Beef $16 /Shrimp $16 /Salmon $17 /Chicken & Beef $17 /Chicken & Shrimp $18 Beef & Shrimp $19 /Salmon & Shrimp $19


House Salad $4


a ring of thinly sliced avocado topped with mixed greens, tomatoes, & cucumbers drizzled with a raspberry- fig vinaigrette


yellowtail, tuna, salmon, avocado, mango, & apple tossed in a mustard yuzu vinaigrette


cucumber, carrot, edamame, wonton crisps, red & yellow bell peppers served w/ mixed greens & drizzled w/a homemade sesame-ginger dressing

Kani Salad $8

shredded crabstick & julienne cucumber with spicy mayo & masago.

Kaiso Salad $6

fresh assorted seaweed topped with sesame seeds

Miso Soup $3.50

house-made miso broth with tofu, scallion and seaweed.

Asian Chicken Noodle $10

served with bok choy, cabbage, mushrooms and carrots.

Spicy Seafood $12

assorted seafood with tofu, scallions, and cabbage in a spicy kimchi broth

add to any salad: Avocado $3 / Chicken $4 / Beef $5 / Shrimp $6.50 / Salmon $6.50


all sandwiches served with a side of sweet potato fries

Grilled Chicken Wrap $11

with bean sprouts, baby spinach ,red onions, tomatoes, & creamy miso dressing in a whole wheat wrap.

Rock Shrimp Wrap $15

rock shrimp tempura tossed in a cracked red pepper aioli with vegetable kakiage & srirachain a whole wheat wrap.

Spicy Tuna Sliders(3) $15

sushi-grade, chopped tuna with tempura red onions, spicy wasabi mayo, radish and micro greens, served on brioche buns.

Sushi bar specials

all sushi bar specials served with miso soup or house salad, all pieces are by chef's selection only

5 Piece Assorted Sushi & 1 Roll $18

choose roll from list below

Sashimi Lunch $15

5 pieces of assorted sashimi served with white rice

Sushi & Sashimi Lunch $17

3 pieces sushi, 3 pieces sashimi, choice of 1 roll

Two Roll Special $12

choice of any 2 rolls from list below

Three Roll Special $18

choice of any 3 rolls from list below

Alaskan/ Atlanta/ Boston/ California/ Cucumber/ ComboVeggie/ Cucumber & Avocado/ Tuna Salmon/ Yellowtail/ Ebiten/ Tokyo/ Philadelphia / Spicy Salmon/ Spicy Tuna/ Spicy Yellowtail

Special Roll Combo $19

Choice of regular roll from list above and anyone of following special rolls: optimistic/ totowa/ godzilla/ birds of paradise /superkani/ lucky#13 /red or white hot.


Crab Fried Rice $8

Fried Rice: veg/ chicken/ chili/ pork $6

Hibachi noodles $6

Vegetable Tempura $9

chicken tempura$10.5

shrimp tempura $12

Seasonal Vegetables: steamed/sautéed $6

Sweet Potato Fries $5

Brown Rice (pt) $3

White Rice (pt) $2